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Avoiding Quotes and Sharing Online-Life peace can’t be found avoiding quotes in English. Sleeping alone is even better than sharing a bed with somebody else because no one else can tell you what’s bothering them. Some birds just fly free around without saying a single word. The same goes for humans.

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Happiness and sadness are two things that go hand in hand. Sadness is due to the state of being troubled while happiness is a feeling that makes us pleased. These two feelings are different. People who love quotes say that there is only one thing that makes us sad; the feeling of being unhappy. This is why avoiding quotes in English is such a big mistake. It leads us to a state of happiness, where we’re not troubled by what other people think of us.

Avoiding Quotes and Sharing Online

Avoiding bad friend quotes in English is the beginning of avoiding quotes for him/her in general. We love our friends and if they are saying something mean to us, we tend to share it with them. However, it’s wrong to share it with people we don’t really know. Saying mean things to our good friends just to make them feel bad is not a good idea.

There are so many inspiring quotes from wise people throughout history. Some of them might be inspiring to us and some might not be at all. If we choose to ignore these quotes and continue believing that all quotes are made up by fake characters for the purpose of getting us to feel sad, it’s going to push us away from the most genuine things in life. The most genuine quotes come from real men and women. Avoiding quotes in English is the easiest way to get away from the most genuine quotes out there.

Avoiding Quotes and Sharing Online

Avoiding friendship quotes in English is the same as avoiding Facebook status quotes. We can share those and get along fine, but there is no reason why we should add anything to friendship. In fact, we should try to stay away from those too. If we have real friends, we don’t need to add any personal status messages.

When you ignore friendship quotes in Tamil, you will avoid tamil love quotes too. Love is a very sensitive subject in Tamil. It doesn’t seem easy to show love to someone you hardly know. However, true friends will always be there for each other and will share their love quotes with us, even if we don’t agree with them.

Avoiding bad love quotes in English is similar to ignoring Facebook status updates for a friend in Tamil. Sure, we may not like them and may ignore them occasionally, but our friends are our friends. Ignoring their posts or messages may seem counter productive and we might start losing some of them.

Avoiding Quotes and Sharing Online

Avoiding all kinds of quotes is not practical. If you think that you are going through a bad period, take a few moments to write a few friendship quotes. It will assist you with unwinding and think plainly. After this, you will feel much better and your problem will seem smaller.

Our biggest problem is that many of us ignore genuine friendship quotes posted on the internet because of their length. Some people post fake quotes just to annoy others. Fake friends quotes are funny, but they can also be threatening and insulting. So, the key here is not to ignore them but to confront those who post them online.

However, people use quotes to put across a different message. In fact, people use quotes as a weapon. For instance, you will never read anything from an old lady who lives in the country until you read her status messages online. She will be throwing quotes around to make you scared of getting married to her cousin!

Avoiding Quotes and Sharing Online

Therefore, you need to understand the difference between real and fake friends quotes, status messages and angry quotes. Fake friends quotes are statements posted by someone in a chat room. They will look exactly the same as the original quote. Real friends quotes are quotes that are posted on a social website where the person is supposed to represent a real person.

The key to avoiding both the real and fake friends quotes is to not reply to any quote. The reason is simple – it’s pointless! You don’t want to give the person who is posting the quote any more power than they deserve. If you ignore them, they will start using other ways to irritate you. And this is what they will do – they will use rude or insulting words for no reason.

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