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Corona Care Center-How To Treat Corona At Home? Know What To Eat And What Not-The second wave of corona virus is catching people in no time . This infection spreads from one to the opposite very quickly. In severe cases of corona, the patient has got to be admitted to the hospital, but in mild or moderate cases it also can be treated by staying reception .

It’s also called home isolation. In home isolation, patients treat themselves by keeping themselves break away the remainder of the members of the house. Let’s skills Corona patients can make a rapid recovery by staying reception .

Corona Care Center-How To Treat Corona At Home? Know What To Eat And What Not

Rules required for home isolation- For home isolation it’s necessary for the corona patient to possess a separate and ventilated room within the house. There should be a separate toilet for the patient.

There should be someone for 24-hour care of the patient. it’s worth noting that the symptoms of the patient living in home isolation shouldn’t be severe. If serious, the patient is suggested to be admitted to the hospital.

What should the patient neutralize home isolation- The patient should keep the windows of his room open. The patient should wear a three-layer mask the whole time and alter it every 6-8 hours.

Corona Care Center-How To Treat Corona At Home? Know What To Eat And What Not

The hands should be washed for 40 seconds with soap and water. Avoid touching the surface that’s more touched. Keep your utensils, towels, sheet cloths completely separate and don’t let anyone else use them.

Patients living reception should check their fever and oxygen levels twice each day blood heat shouldn’t exceed 100 Fahrenheit. At an equivalent time, see the oxygen level from the oximeter, the SpO2 rate shouldn’t be but 94 percent.

If you’ve got the other disease, then still treat it simultaneously. don’t consume alcohol, smoking or the other drug in the least during isolation. Follow the recommendation of the doctor and take medicines regularly.

Corona Care Center-How To Treat Corona At Home? Know What To Eat And What Not

How should the diet- Corona patients should eat fresh and plain food made reception . Seasonal, fresh fruits like orange and orange and a diet rich in protein like beans and lentils. Use spices like ginger, garlic and turmeric in food. Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day .

Low fat milk and yogurt should be eaten. Non-veg eaters should eat skinless chicken, fish and egg whites. Wash anything thoroughly before eating anything. Corona patients’ food should be cooked in low cholesterol oil.

What to not eat – Corona patients shouldn’t eat refined flour, fried food or food . One should stand back from unsaturated fats like chips, packet juice, cold drinks, cheese, butter, mutton, fried, processed meat and vegetable oil . Eat yellow eggs just one occasion every week don’t eat non-veg two or 3 times every week .

Corona Care Center-How To Treat Corona At Home? Know What To Eat And What Not

Period of home isolation- Generally the amount of home isolation lasts for 14 days. If the patient doesn’t have fever or the other symptoms within the last 10 days, they will finish home isolation by asking a doctor.

Keep this in mind – Corona virus weakens the body also because the patients mentally. Therefore, during treatment, patients should also take full care of their psychological state you’ll stay in-tuned together with your friends and relatives through phone and video calls even while in home isolation.

Corona Care Center-How To Treat Corona At Home? Know What To Eat And What Not

During this point , read your favorite books. you’ll watch your favorite shows on mobile and also play light games. lookout to not put an excessive amount of pressure on yourself and obtain many rest.

Consider these symptoms too- Patients living in home isolation got to check out another symptoms also additionally to fever, difficulty in breathing, persistent pain or pressure, confusion or symptoms like lips or face turning blue, tell your doctor immediately.

Take care of those members of the house- If someone within the home is a corona patient, then anyone aged 24 to 50 years can lookout of him. The caregiver should be physically healthy. The person taking care of the patient shouldn’t have any serious disease like cancer, asthma, respiratory problems, diabetes or vital sign .

Corona Care Center-How To Treat Corona At Home? Know What To Eat And What Not

Always use triple layer masks, disposable gloves and a plastic apron when taking care of the patient. Always clean the apron with hypochlorite don’t touch your nose, mouth and face without washing hands.

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after getting to the rest room , before and after cooking. Avoid direct contact of the patient’s spit, saliva and sneeze. don’t touch anything the patient uses. don’t are available direct contact with the patient while giving food. Put the food on a stool or table. While wearing utensils, make certain to wear disposable gloves.

Sanitize the surface of the patient’s room, bathroom and toilet a day .

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