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Emotional Song & Thought Transform Emotional Upset Into Empowered Action-While we wish to consider ourselves as rational beings, actually, our lives are ruled by emotions. Emotions upset us, drive us, intimidate us, and encourage us.

They move us to the activity or deaden us in tension, stress, and dread. For this reason, it’s natural to be somewhat wary of emotions-and do what we will to avoid them or keep them cornered.

Yet, due to the important power of emotions, learning to know and relate to your emotions during a more conscious, intentional, and empowered way is important to living a life of greater peace, love, success, enjoyment, and purpose.

Emotional Song & Thought Transform Emotional Upset Into Empowered Action

Here are 3 keys to rework your emotional experience.

Emotional Key #1: Reset the Biology of Your Emotions

Psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff says that “All emotions trigger biological reactions that shape your health even as distinctly as what you select to eat or how you select to exercise… how you react emotionally may be a choice in any situation-and those choices can make or break your chances for well-being.” (p.34, Emotional Freedom)

For example, once you emotionally react with worry, anxiety, and fear this triggers a stress response in your body. Stress hormones shoot through you, inhibiting your higher brain functions, elevating your pulse and respiration, shunting blood faraway from your internal organs to your limbs, and shutting down your system in favor of sending energy to your muscles for action.

Emotional Song & Thought Transform Emotional Upset Into Empowered Action

If these conditions of stress persist long-term, your body will begin to interrupt down. you’ll not perform even the foremost basic functions like breathing and digestion efficiently or effectively. Chronic stress also inhibits your ability to think clearly, create solutions, and relate to others pityingly.

Therefore, it’s absolutely essential that you simply learn to counter your body’s stress reaction by cultivating conscious relaxation and inner peace. Whether this is often by taking an opportunity and going for an enter nature, taking time for recreation together with your loved ones, or by learning and practicing the talents of meditation, it’s absolutely essential that you simply take a lively role to shift your body out of stress mode when strong emotions arise.

Emotional Song & Thought Transform Emotional Upset Into Empowered Action

Emotional Key #2: Uncover The Deeper Meaning Of Your Emotions

While it’s essential to find out to calm and relax, it’s even as important to not shove your emotions aside. Your emotions are a useful source of data, once you learn to read their language. Within each emotional experience may be a seed for greater self-awareness and better learning.

So, once you begin to feel emotions of any kind, and particularly “negative” ones, pause to ask yourself, “What am I being shown during this situation? How am I able to learn, grow, and evolve through this experience?”

To do that, you’ll first need to become conscious of the precise emotion you’re feeling. this needs accepting what you’re feeling complete, without judgment. Not always a simple task.

However, see if you’ll take a step back and just notice what you are feeling. See if you’ll break your sense of identification with it. In other words, understand your emotion as information, not as defining who you’re.

When we identify ourselves with our emotions, we are trapped in and caught in a frenzy by them. We ride on the rollercoaster of emotion, which may feel scary and out of control.

Instead, see if you’ll label your emotion and see it as a sensation in your body. See if you’ll take an investigative approach. Become curious. As you are doing that, you’ll notice that you simply can feel into your emotions without being consumed by them.

What if your life is sort of a laboratory and your emotional experiences are the raw data? See if you’ll recognize patterns within the data of your feelings, understand what prompts them, and see what they’re asking you to understand, do, or overcome.

When you show acceptance and compassion to yourself within your own emotional experiences, you’ll naturally begin to simply accept and have compassion for others in their emotional experiences, as well.

Emotions are here to show us to maneuver beyond our small sense of ourselves into deeper love and wisdom. As you learn to get the meaning and purpose of your emotions, they become messages that guide your life.

Emotional Song & Thought Transform Emotional Upset Into Empowered Action

Emotional Key #3: Use the Energy in your Emotions

While emotions contain meaningful messages, they also accompany energy to try to something. this is often true for so-called “negative” emotions also as “positive” ones. For example:

ANGER arises once you, or someone or something you’re keen on, is threatened and you would like to require protective action or set a firm boundary.

SADNESS arises once you got to abandoning of what not serves you or what’s past, so you’ll move forward.

FEAR arises to prompt you to require preventative action.

JOY prompts you toward expansive, expressive, creative action.

COMPASSION prompts you to worry about others.

So, every emotion features a MESSAGE and ENERGY to hold out a selected sort of action. Understanding your feelings encourages you to get those messages and take those activities.

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