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Good Morning Sunday Motivation The Simple Step That Will Change Your Life-The personal Challenge of starting every day with a cheerful morning are some things we should always all take seriously.

It’s easy to pass up because it seems so simple. Often we expect dramatic change must require dramatic effort. Not so. this easy step can change your life in additional ways than you’ll imagine.

Good Morning Sunday Motivation The Simple Step That Will Change Your Life

Let’s start with the essential scientific principle like attracts like. Let me share this with you during a few different perspectives. Have you noticed that folks who complain about bills and debt seem to become more in debt?

Have you noticed that folks who complain and are negative — tend to possess more negative things to happen to them than their non-complaining counterparts?

Have you ever noticed that folks who have seemingly boundless energy and optimism have something new and wonderful to report almost whenever you visit?

Have you noticed that those people that frequently complain or degrade themselves about their weight – tend to fail in weight loss endeavors?

Good Morning Sunday Motivation The Simple Step That Will Change Your Life

Are you detecting a trend? Good. Let’s transfer this trend to the morning.

I want you to prevent a flash and visualize the month of June. How did your mornings start? What was happening during the primary hour after you awoke?

Now, I’m not psychic, but I’m getting to leave on a limb and make a couple of predictions:

If you began most of your days thinking negatively (life is just too stressful; I’m overwhelmed; I even have an excessive amount of to do) I might predict that your June has been stressful, you are feeling overwhelmed and you haven’t gotten much done.

If you began most of your days thinking very positively (something great will happen today; I prefer myself; I’m so grateful that I even have food and/or shelter and/or health) I might predict that your days, for the most part, were content and fulfilling and you had unexpected moments of joy.

If you began your days somewhere within the middle of the 2 examples above (or just on autopilot) I might venture to mention that your June probably looked tons like May did– with no significant change.

This brings us to a different one among my favorite quotes: “If you retain doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.” Most of you who come to the Challenge have come here because we all know we deserve more and that we know we will have a richer, fuller life–we just need a path to follow.

I am supplying you with that path, but only you’ll move your feet forward. you’ll not find a far better way by reading about the Challenge — you can only find a far better way by living the Challenge.

If you are not saying morning – then here’s the rub – you are not living the challenge. this is often one of the inspiration blocks of the whole program. The program will still work – but not nearly as good because it could. you’ll take hold of clutter, save your finances, and attain many other goals – but will you are feeling that happiness and excitement we all yearn for in our lives? No. a minimum of not on a uniform basis. Happiness is usually a choice.

Good Morning Sunday Motivation The Simple Step That Will Change Your Life

Don’t believe me? I’m a case in point. Last week I had a couple of major obstacles in my life. I’m within the process of getting extensive oral surgery which involves cutting off all my gums. The procedure was scheduled for this past Wednesday (and yes, it’s as painful because it sounds). This past weekend, I had the Memorial service for my father who died unexpectedly at age 60.

However, this past Monday, a colleague e-mailed and asked how things were going. I e-mailed back that everything was great (and I meant it!) I discussed that I had an upcoming surgery and a memorial but that overall life was good–and it’sa part of this is often also learning to be within the moment (something we work on tons within the Challenge.)

When I visited my father’s memorial, I used to be fully present and felt all the emotions I needed to feel – but I didn’t let those emotions prevent me from the opposite joys of the week. If you wonder how that’s possible, I can not explain it to you. I can only tell you to measure the Challenge — and you’ll see it in your own life.

You might be stressed about money–but specialize in it an excessive amount of and you’ll only create extra money trouble. you’ll also miss out on the thrill of every day.

Good Morning Sunday Motivation The Simple Step That Will Change Your Life

You might be stressed a few relationships–but don’t let that rob you from the special moments of other relationships in your life.

You might be saddened over a loss or a death–but don’t let that steal the happiness that’s available by spending time with those that live.

Life might “happen” on its own – but we are those who are steering our hearts and minds. If you do not actively steer, don’t act surprised once you finish up somewhere you do not want to be.

Which brings us full circle — how can we steer? We steer through basic cognitive hope, expectation, and programming. We reprogram the negativity and therefore the bad experiences. We let those go and make a replacement life. we do not roll in the hay overnight. We roll in the hay step-by-step until we become stronger than our troubles–and then we overcome them.

Saying morning is that the initiative. Are you taking it each and each day? Are you steering your life to expect the best? If not, let today be the Judgment Day you reside on auto-pilot. it is time to require the wheel.

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