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How To Treat Sex Addiction At Home: Is Sex Addiction A Disease?-The term ‘sex addiction’ has once more inherit the limelight after the arrest of a young man who shot at a spa center within the Atlanta area of the US. Actually, this young man had said in his defense that the rationale behind this incident is his sex addiction.

The young man said that his addiction was increased by watching the spa center and hatred of the spa center led to the present attack. The accused said that he was thrown out of his family due to his sex addiction. He wont to watch porn at his house for hours.

How To Treat Sex Addiction At Home: Is Sex Addiction A Disease?

Since then, questions have began to arise whether sex addiction may be a disease thanks to which an individual also can take someone’s life. Experts and psychologists aren’t unanimous about becoming violent thanks to sex addiction. Let’s first know what sex addiction is and what are its symptoms.

Symptoms Of Sex Addiction- like all addiction, sex addiction also dominates the mind of an individual . Health experts consider sex healthy for health, but quite necessary it damages physical and psychological state .

On having sex addiction, the person thinks only about sex all the time. Such people are always engaged in some sexual intercourse despite knowing its serious consequences. These people spoil both their personal and professional lives thanks to sex addiction.

People who are hooked in to sex have relationships with many of us directly . These people don’t have any quite emotional attachment with their partners. Many sex addicts also regularly visit sex workers. along side their daily work, they also enjoys cyber sex, pornography. People with sex addiction also take the danger of unsafe sex. Such people don’t get emotional satisfaction from sex and after sexual intercourse they feel guilty sometimes .

How To Treat Sex Addiction At Home: Is Sex Addiction A Disease?

Due To Sex Addiction – there’s no scientific reason behind how sex addiction becomes, but many sorts of mental conditions are believed to be responsible behind it. like depression, loneliness or a sort of sadness leads many of us to sexual behavior. there’s a high risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases in such people.

Experts – the planet Health Organization’s International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD10) and therefore the American Psychiatric Association consider Compulsive Sexual Behavior as a disease. the rationale for this has been told that each person’s drive is different. In May 2019, during a presentation at the planet Health Assembly, it had been said that such people often get little or no satisfaction in the least in sex.

However, many changes are to be made on this subject within the International Statistical Classification of Diseases ICD11 of the WHO coming in 2022. a replacement interpretation of sex addiction has been given in ICD11.

ICD11 states, ‘Compulsive sexual behavior may be a sort of mental disturbance that follows a pattern. In this, people aren’t ready to control their sexual desires. This behavior increases in 6 months or more. It affects the private , family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of the person.

How To Treat Sex Addiction At Home: Is Sex Addiction A Disease?

However, health experts have different opinions about sex addiction. Doctor Jive Cohen, a psychiatry professor at Columbia University , says, “Whenever we expect of an addiction, we get the thought of indulging in certain activities that provides a sudden response when prompted by the brain. this is often the neurobiological evidence of addiction that researchers have seen in people that consume drugs, alcohol, or gamble. Usually, it’s not been seen in those that are hooked in to sex or porn.

Most researchers believe that sex addiction isn’t mental disease . “Addiction simply means losing control over behavior, social debility and taking self-harming risks,” Professor Paul Appelbaum, a professor within the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University, told CNN.

How To Treat Sex Addiction At Home: Is Sex Addiction A Disease?

Columbia University professor Dr. Jive Cohen said, there are many of us who feel guilty about their normal sexuality. If a term like sex addiction is recognized, then there’s a priority that a lot of people may start to question their sexuality. many of us may feel that they’re not healthy. He said, it’s very difficult to draw a line about sex. If the rights of others are suffering from one’s sexuality, then it’s going to be considered a disease, but if some people have more drive then it’ll not be right to incorporate them.

David J. Lay, a psychologist and author of ‘The Myth of Sex Addiction’, told ‘The Washington Post’, ‘It is believed that some people are unable to regulate themselves once they get too excited but due to research consistent with people with sex addiction, they will control themselves even in such situations. Some scientists say that criminals use the term sex addiction to cover their crime.

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