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I Hate U Image: I Can’t Stand You. You Make Me Cry Consistently-I was conversing with the onions I was stripping for the afternoon. I have an affection disdain relationship with onion.

I love onion and can’t imagine making a dish without it. However, the experience of going through the relentless tears it gives me, makes me can’t stand them. I need to begin my day to day cooking at five AM. So I awaken notwithstanding onion and at last beginning chiding it simultaneously.

I Hate U Image-1-Pic Credit GoogleI Hate U Image: I Can’t Stand You. You Make Me Cry Consistently

I have had this issue for little a while. A couple of years back while doing my MBA, my teacher requested that we concoct another item that can have an enormous business esteem. Understand what my item idea was… ..Hmmm, An Onion that doesn’t make you cry… . Disregard my unfortunate scores for that task; point is that I’m attempting to figure out how to function around this issue for quite a while.

I Hate U Image: I Can’t Stand You. You Make Me Cry Consistently

I went to God Google for a cure and he gave me a couple of ideas. Allow me to discuss the main three ideas I attempted.

1) Eating(or is it biting) a biting gum while stripping onions: This is so natural I thought. I purchased a case of Orbit and begun biting while at the same time stripping Onion. Also, the outcome was… I Love Orbit. Be that as it may, tragically it doesn’t stop the Onion Tears.

2) Light a flame before you while stripping onions: Another congenial idea isn’t it? As a matter of fact, I’m looking for the individual who gave this idea. In this blistering Chennai climate, sitting before a candle stripping an onion that actually gives you tears is all in all too much. I was extremely disappointed subsequent to giving it a shot.

I Hate U Image: I Can’t Stand You. You Make Me Cry Consistently

3) Microwaving the Onions briefly prior to stripping them: You will wind up cutting a hot onion which actually makes you cry.

I attempted various different techniques as well, yet not a single one of them works. I’m actually proceeding with my day to day daily practice of reproving the onions while stripping them. However, presently I have seen a light toward the finish of the tunnel. Yes..A few days back I was watching a 1970s film. The courageous woman gets hitched to the legend and when she is going to leave her parent’s home, her dad requests that the legend keep her blissful. Legend answers “Don’t stress I won’t actually allow onions to make your girl cry. I will strip it for her. ”

I Hate U Image: I Can’t Stand You. You Make Me Cry Consistently

Indeed, I will look for a cut person onions for me. I’m in any event, thinking about the marital advertisements in that style

…. Require a knowledgeable person who can cut onions.

… Capable Onion-cutting man of the hour expected for… .

Grrr. Individuals, kindly let me know as to whether you have tracked down some other method for halting Onion Tears. Please… ..


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