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International Road Trip: These Countries also can pass by Car, Not Flights-Most people use only flights to travel on foreign tours, but does one know that international tours also can be enjoyed from India via roadways.

There are many countries where you’ll choose a walk by car or bus rather than aviation .Allow us to tell you which of them countries you’ll roam through the road from the capital Delhi.

International Road Trip: These Countries also can pass by Car, Not Flights

International Road Trip-1 Singapore– Singapore is legendary everywhere the planet for its luxury lifestyle and natural beauty. Singapore must be included in every traveler’s list. Its distance from Delhi is about 5,926 km, which takes about 91 hours. Singapore are often reached from Delhi via Uttar Pradesh , Bihar, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia.

Documents required to visit Singapore – to travel to Singapore, you’ll need International Passport, driver’s license , Travel Document, Special Overland Permit, Carnet Fee and Visa.

International Road Trip-2 Thailand– aviation from Delhi to Thailand is far cheaper than roadways, but entering this country via the India-Thailand highway are often quite convenient. to succeed in Thailand, you’ll need to cover a distance of about 4,198 km by road, which can take about 71 hours. you’ll attend Thailand from Delhi via Imphal, Moreh, Bagan, Inle Lake, Yangon, Mysot, Tak and Bangkok.

Documents to travel to Thailand – to urge to Thailand, you’ve got to rearrange the required permits for roadways, international passports, 200% carnet fees, lead car and visa.

International Road Trip-3 Malaysia– Malaysia is additionally a really beautiful country. the gorgeous evenings, luxurious buildings and seaside are the middle of attraction of the tourist here. to succeed in Malaysia, you’ve got to follow the road map of Thailand. As soon as you cross Thailand, you’ll enter the border of Malaysia.

Documents required to visit Malaysia – to urge from Delhi to Malaysia, you’ve got to require all the required permits. aside from this, passport, travel document, visa and arrival and departure document also will need to be taken.

International Road Trip-4 Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka is extremely popular for its wildly beautiful beaches and dense forests. It takes about 78 hours by car to succeed in Sri Lanka , located at a distance of about 3,704 km from Delhi. to urge here, you’ve got to travel from Delhi to Uttar Pradesh , Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana then Tamil Nadu . After this a ferry to Colombo will need to be taken.

Documents for getting to Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka – additionally to all or any the required permits to travel to Sri Lanka, you’ll need a world Driving Permit, Passport and Visa.

International Road Trip-5 Bhutan – Bhutan is taken into account to be the happiest country within the world. The serene atmosphere and diverse culture of this country attracts tourists. the space from Delhi to Bhutan is about 2006 kilometers, where it’ll take about 39 hours to travel by road. you’ll reach Bhutan from Delhi via Uttar Pradesh , Bihar, West Bengal and Assam.

Documents required to go to Bhutan- you are doing not need any visa to go to Bhutan. you’ll only take a driver’s license with you. you would like only a couple of documents to enter the country.

International Road Trip-6 Bangladesh – Bangladesh is that the most convenient country in terms of roadways connected by the India border. Bangladesh adjacent to the ocean shore is additionally a really beautiful country. the space from Delhi to Bangladesh is about 1,713 km, which can take about 30 hours to finish . you’ll reach Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh from Delhi via Uttar Pradesh , Jharkhand and West Bengal .

Documents to travel to Bangladesh – to succeed in Bangladesh by road, you’ll need to get several differing types of permits also as a world Driving Permit.

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