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My Sex Life Study : Why Do Married Indians Have A Sex Life Devastated- Couples told the story of why married Indians have a ruined sex life.After a replacement marriage, there’s tons of pleasure among the couples about the honeymoon.

However, after a few of years of honeymoon or marriage, most of the couples don’t have an equivalent craze between the sexes as before. There are many reasons for not having romance after marriage. There are many couples whose sex life has ended only after a couple of years of marriage. Many married Indians have told their story.

My Sex Life Study : Why Do Married Indians Have A Sex Life Devastated

End of attraction to every other – a person named Aamir, 38, told during a portal’s relationship column, ‘Sometimes I feel that my wife is not any longer interested in me. For the last one year, my weight has been increasing continuously thanks to medical condition. Both me and my wife cannot do anything during this . She is extremely on the brink of me now.

Because of the youngsters – a lady named Varsha told, ‘Our sex life was over since the daughter was born. thanks to the care of the girl, our sleep are often completed with great difficulty. Our enthusiasm about sex is over. We love one another tons , but sometimes we get upset thanks to lack of intimacy as before.

My Sex Life Study : Why Do Married Indians Have A Sex Life Devastated

Effect of drugs– A young man named Farik said, ‘My wife had surgery for Uterus after a couple of years of marriage. The drugs affected his concupiscence and now there’s no intemacy between us. it makes me sick.’

Use of sex to calm anger- Another 43-year-old woman said, ‘My husband uses sex to finish the quarrel between us. They know that things will become normal after this, but I find it very bad. Earlier I wont to think that they’re interested in me and that they want sex, but now I even have realized that they use sex to avoid fight and fights. Well now i will be able to not let this happen.

Lack of enthusiasm about sex- The 40-year-old man said, ‘My wife is extremely beautiful but she isn’t excited about intemacy. i attempted to speak to her tons about it, but she gets angry or sad about me. After all, I even have stopped brooding about it now.

Ending of love– Another 37-year-old woman said, ‘I don’t love my husband anymore. Although I don’t need a divorce from them. he’s an honest man and an honest father. I even have just stopped being intimate them and that they too haven’t any objection to the present . They keep themselves busy.

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