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No Love Quotes For Men-There Is No Value For True Love-There was no love, no matter how many roses were given. And there was no true love. True love means giving without expecting something in return. If there was no love, there is no true love. There is no value for true love quotes, because true love does not exist in a vacuum.

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I have heard many people saying “I don’t love you because you are beautiful”, this is called “debasement”. In Jewish Law it says, As man is, so is his desire. What a person sows, shall he also reap. that’s one among the most important misconceptions of affection actually there’s no value for true love quotes, because true love doesn’t exist during a vacuum.

No Love Quotes For Men-There Is No Value For True Love

“debasement” is used to remind us to restrain our instincts. When a man has a natural tendency to want something more than what he can get, his wife may try to make him marry her in order to have that something. This is “debasement”. There are no love quotes that will save your marriage from debasement. It’s only when you become a man who doesn’t depend on his wife that you become a true loving wife. And there is no such thing as a “viable relationship” when your partner does not love you.

No Love Quotes For Men-There Is No Value For True Love

The best love quotes are those that encourage men to be independent, self-sufficient, strong and unafraid of their natural instincts. This is no love for true love; this is the debasement of love. Men are just like women-they seek their partners’ approval, security and safety. These are the needs that cannot be fulfilled by false promises.

A man must be confident that he has the skills, strength and inner resources required to keep the woman he loves happy. These qualities cannot be bought, they must be developed through self-examination and by following the advice of a close, trusted friend or relative. No relationship is worth being in if the man feels that he can’t protect, support and care for the woman he loves.

No Love Quotes For Men-There Is No Value For True Love

He must be able to recognize and accept without criticism that she is, in fact, the most beautiful woman he has ever known. Every man must believe that the woman he adores has his undying devotion and total co-presence in her life. No true man will sacrifice these priceless gifts to satisfy the needs of another. True love will never leave a man unless she feels unwanted and unloved. She must feel that she is the only woman in his life.

Men must know that true love does not come easy. It requires effort, time and commitment. This is why they do everything they can to ensure that the woman they love is happy, healthy, and successful. If he truly loves his woman he will be there for her when she needs him and he will appreciate the sweet things she does for him. No matter how much love quotes a man reads, he can never feel that she’s truly loved if he doesn’t see her healthy, happy and successful.

No Love Quotes For Men-There Is No Value For True Love

No matter how much a man treasures his partner he cannot make up for the woman in his life. The greatest gift a man can give his woman is his whole life. It is her person, he spends his entire life with. No matter how much a man may read no love quotes, he can never feel that true love means being with the woman he calls his queen. He must feel it in the quiet moments he spends with her, in the special moments he shares with her and in the simple things he does for her. Otherwise he will lose sight of what he truly has in his life – his woman.

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