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Rakhi Images For Raksha Bandhan Status And Quotes Rakhi Wishes-Thanks to the tradition and customs of India that it does have the festival for nearly every relations that an individual shares within the family.

The celebration of togetherness, the celebration of being one family is additionally celebrated in India. Raksha Bandhan is such festival that celebrates the love , fraternity and stylish sentiments of brotherhood.

Rakhi Images For Raksha Bandhan Status And Quotes Rakhi Wishes

Raksha Bandhan is additionally referred to as the bond of protection. No festival in India is complete without the right gathering, exchanging sweets and gifts, singing and dancing. it’s the regional festival to celebrate the relation between the brothers and sisters.

Previously the festival was celebrated within the north and therefore the western region of the country but soon it’s been began to be celebrated within the same verse and spirit altogether over the country.

Rakhi Images For Raksha Bandhan Status And Quotes Rakhi Wishes

Bahan Chaahe Sirph Pyaar Dulaar,
Nahin Maangti Bde Uphaar,
Rishtaa Bane Rahe Sadiyon Tak,
Mile Bhaai Ko Khushiyaan Hjaar.

Khush Kismat Hoti Hai Vo Bahan,
Jiske Sar Par Bhaai Kaa Haath Hotaa Hai,
Har Pareshaani Men Uske Saath Hotaa Hai,
Ldnaa Jhagadnaa Phir Pyaar Se Manaanaa,
Tabhi To Es Rishte Men Etnaa Pyaar Hotaa Hai.

Dil Se Dil Ki Tarah Hoti Hain,
Bahan Ko Bhi Ki Parvaah Hoti Hain,
Paison Ko Jod Diyaa Raakhi Se Logo Ne,
Sach To Ye Hai Magar,
Bahan Ko Bas Bhaai Ke Pyaar Ki Chaah Hoti Hain.

Kitni Bhaagyshaali Hogi Yah Bahan Jisko Vidaa Karte Samay,
Bhaaiyon Ne Apne Haath Bichhaa Diye,
Kaash Ki Har Bahan Ko Ese Bhaai Mile,
Har Bhaai Ko Bahan Mile,
Koi Bhi Ghar Binaa Beti Ke N Rahe.

Vo Raakhi Aur Bhaai-duj Pe Tumhaaraa Tikaa Lagaanaa,
Kumakum Main Dubi Ungli Se Meraa Maathaa Sajaanaa,
Khilaanaa Mujhe Mithaai Pyaar Se Aur Dil Se Duaa De Jaanaa,
Baandh Ke Dhaagaa Kalaai Pe Meri Apne Pyaar Ko Jataanaa.

Rakhi Images For Raksha Bandhan Status And Quotes Rakhi Wishes

Unconditional Bond of affection

Raksha Bandhan is widely known within the same way with an equivalent tradition for several years. With the changing lifestyle the celebration has been more elaborated and lively and thus the meaning of Raksha Bandhan has been changed. All the brother and sister attempt to reach bent one another on this auspicious occasion. for everybody it’s the chance for the family reunion and celebration. The delicious dishes, wonderful sweets and gifts are exchanged between the people. For the people that lives distant the Rakhi cards, e-rakhis, and Rakhis through mails acts because the communication between them. It represents the private feelings of the siblings.

Tradition and Customs of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is that the occasion of the sacred bond of affection and affection between siblings with many verve. it’s basically the north Indian festival which is now celebrated everywhere the planet to precise the emotions, love and affection. On the day of the festival sisters ties Rakhi on the wrist of her brother and both worships god for the well being of every other. ‘Aarti’ and ’tilak’ is completed by the by the sisters which marks the celebration of the festival. reciprocally brothers makes the promise to require care of the sister under all kinds of circumstances.


The fancy Rakhis and delicious sweets are prepared before the arrival of the month of Shravan. consistent with the Indian tradition the relations the people gets ready early within the morning to perform the rituals. The people wont to take the bathtub early within the morning to purify the mind and soul before the beginning of any preparations. Sisters set up the Thali which comprises of roli, tilak, Rakhi strings, rice grains, agarbattis (incense sticks), diyas and desserts.

Rakhi Images For Raksha Bandhan Status And Quotes Rakhi Wishes

Shloka For Raksha Quotes

The sun radiates its sunlight, the radish spreads its seeds, I tie the rakhi to you O brother and need which will you reside long.”

I tie you the rakhi that was attached to ruler Bali, the lord of Demons, O Rakhi I implore that you basically never flounder in ensuring your fan.

Meaning and Significance of Raksha Bandhan

In India the connections has an embodiment of any festival that holds an extraordinary spot in India. Raksha Bandhan is that the celebration that praises the adoration and warmth between the kin and requirement for the bliss and altruism of each other. The word ‘Raksha Bandhan’ means the A Bond of Protection for any kind.¬†On today brothers make promises to require care of their sister for during the life. Brothers pray to god to guard her sister from all evil.

Rakhi Utsav was popularized by Rabindranath Tagore to market the sensation of unity and commitment for all the members of the society to guard one another from evil and encourage the harmony within the family.

Rakhi Celebration

Rakhi is widely known to strengthen the connection and therefore the bond of affection between the brother and sister that fosters brotherhood. This festival isn’t a ritual which will change over the time but it can only changed by the design and by the contemporary time. Before one month of the commencement of the festival many fancy and colorful Rakhis are flooded within the market. Ladies buy the flamboyant Rakhis, cards, gifts for his or her brother. They buy new clothes, and delightful gifts specially for the one whose brothers are staying distant .

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