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Sad Couple Quotes About Love-Love is another important relationship to all or any people after friendship. Showing care also as like to the one that you love one will cause you to to enjoy, have fun, cause you to cry, depressed etc.

Love has equal power that creates the people to point out all kinds of feelings. This page will suit best to the readers who have experience in sorrows occurred crazy .There are so many sad quotes for love that are given here, they will take you back to your memories of past golden days where there was no sign of sorrow.

These sad quotes also will assist you in learning intentionally of life to measure . the subsequent are a number of the sad quotes crazy and that they are:

Sad Couple Quotes About Love

1) Sadness are often said because the word that possesses speechless expressions- people that are depressed with something won’t call on the carpet to elucidate them because depression stops them in speaking.

2) Majority of the sadness’ have various meanings- As mentioned before, sadness would have a really deep meaning and majority of them might be expressed in only a few words.

3) Expressing unlimited love will end in possessiveness- this is often often one among the wonderful sad quotes and this is the most reason for the connection to urge break. Love is different from possessiveness, but possessiveness occurs only due to love. Showing an excessive amount of care also as love will end in relationship break-up at a brief period of your time . Even relationship break-up is additionally possible if no proper care or love is shown. At an equivalent time, excess love will make one another uncomfortable and leads to unwanted fights during the initial stage. Later on, silly fights will reach major fights and likelihood is that there for the connection to urge break.

4) it’ll be very painful once you don’t know that the person whom you’re keen on is crazy with you.

Sad Couple Quotes About Love

1-Subah Hogi Yaa Phir Nahin Hogi Raat Kaa Jaane Kyaa Eraadaa Hain, Yaad Tum Roj Aati Ho Lekin Aaj Sine Men Dard Kuchh Jyaadaa Hain.

2-Timepass Hi Karnaa Hain To Game Khel Liyaa Karo Please Kisi Ki Feelings Ke Saath Mat Khelaa Karo.

3-Tut Ke Bikhre Hain Par Phir Bhi Muskuraa Rahe Hain, Tere Eshk Kaa Karj Ham Kuchh Aise Chukaa Rahe Hain.

4-Estemaal Karnaa Hain To Bataa Do Yun Mohabbat Ki Kasam Naa Diyaa Karo.

5-Sambhaalne Kaa Thodaa Vakt Mil Jaataa, Agar Tumhaare Jaane Kaa Pataa Thodaa Pahle Chal Jaataa.

6-Tumhari Aadat Hai Dil Ko Dukhane Ki, Or Hamaari Bhi Jidd Hai Tumhe Apnaa Banane Ki.

7-Tumhaare Baad Jiko Bhi Dekhaa Hain Hamne, Har Kisi Pe Tumko Hi Dekhaa Hain Mainne.

8-Aaj Tumhaare Saath Hun To Kdar Nahin Hain Magar Yaad Rakhnaa Jis Din Mujhe Kho Doge Us Din Muskuraate Hua Ro Doge.

9-Bund Bund Karke Aankhon Se Dard Bayaan Kiyaa Hain Hamne, Eshk Men Khud Ko Kuchh Yun Tanhaa Kiyaa Hain Hamne.

Sad Couple Quotes About Love

10-Dur Jaanaa Ho To Paas Mat Aao, Nahin Nibhaanaa Ho To Rishte Mat Banaao.

11-Vkt Bhi Hain Uske Paas Bas Mere Lia Nahin Hain Pyaar Bhi Hain Uske Paas Bas Mere Lia Nahin Hain, Kitni Aasaani Se Sabkaa Ho Jaataa Hain Vo Usme Ye Khubi Bas Mere Lia Nahin Hain.

12-Sah Gaye Eshk Men Ye Jurm Bhi Ham, Ke Rishte Nibhaanaa Mujhe Nahin Aataa.

13-Umr Bhar Khud Ko Samjhaanaa Pdtaa Hain, Dil Ko Dil Banaanaa Pdtaa Hain.

14-Tanhaaeyon Men Jo Log Roj Jite Hainn, Vo Kabhi Kisi Ko Akelaa Nahin Chhodte.

15-Yakin Maano Meraa Dil Aaj Bhi Maanne Ko Taiyaar Nahin Ki, Etnaa Khubsurat Chehraa Dhokhaa Bhi De Saktaa Thaa.

16-Achchhaa Nahin Lagtaa Yaar Baar Baar Kisi Ko Message Karnaa Jiske Lia Ham Important Honge Vo Khud Hi Hame Yaad Kar Legaa.

17-Hamne To Sochaa Thaa Duniyaa Aisi Hoti Hain, Dhokhe Khaa Ke Jaanaa Duniyaa Kaisi Hoti Hain.

18-Jo Tere Dur Jaane Par Bhi Mere Saath Rahaa, Vah Aur Kuchh Nahin Bas Teraa Hi Ek Ehsaas Thaa.

19-Umr Bhar Gairon Se Bachne Ki Nasihat De Kar Har Kadam Par Apnon Ne Lutaa Hain Hamen.

20-Kisi Ko Kyaa Pataa Ye Dil Kitnaa Majbur Ho Gayaa Hain, Jisse Beentehaa Mohabbat Thi Vahi Shakhs Mujhse Dur Ho Gayaa Hain.

21-Eshk Kaa Niyam Yahi Hain Ab Ese Kaun Samjhaaagaa, Jo Jitnaa Paas Aaagaa Vo Utnaa Hi Dur Jaaagaa.

22-Naa Jaane Kaise Pdhte Hainn Vo Mere Dil Ke Jajbaat Ki Unke Dil Par Jraa Bhi Asar Nahin Hotaa.

23-Usko To Bas Dil Todnaa Aataa Hain, Yaad N Karne Kaa Har Bahaanaa Aataa Hain.


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