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Surprised : A Woman Became Pregnant Without Sex, A Puzzle Made For Doctors-A woman living in Hampshire, UK, has shared her shocking pregnancy story with people on social media. Nicole, 28, has told how she became pregnant 8 years ago without sex.

Consistent with DailyMail’s report, Nicole was dating her boyfriend when she was 18 years old. within the future”> at some point while working in the office, suddenly Nicole started burning in her chest and began getting dizzy. Nicole was advised by her friend to try to to bioassay .

Surprised : A Woman Became Pregnant Without Sex, A Puzzle Made For Doctors

Nicole’s bioassay came positive and knowing this, the bottom slipped under her feet. Actually, Nicole was a virgin and never had a physical relationship together with her boyfriend.

Nicole said, ‘I couldn’t even use tampons. Despite trying tons , we were never ready to roll in the hay because I wont to have severe pain during this point . I couldn’t understand what was the rationale behind this. I also met the doctor at that point and after the checkup, he also said that everything is ok . ‘

Surprised : A Woman Became Pregnant Without Sex, A Puzzle Made For Doctors

Eventually, during pregnancy checkups, Nicole acknowledged that she had a disease called veganism’s. during this medical condition, the muscles of the vagina feel such a lot that it becomes difficult to form a physical connection. In such a situation, she became more surprised about her pregnancy.

Nicole said that she and her boyfriend wont to try other ways to urge intimate once they felt the matter . The doctor said that albeit there’s no sex, pregnancy can happen albeit the sperm or fluid somehow gets into the vagina. However this happens in very rare cases and Nicole’s case was one among them.

Surprised : A Woman Became Pregnant Without Sex, A Puzzle Made For Doctors

Nicole was also worried that her boyfriend would doubt her after hearing the news of pregnancy. However, this didn’t happen and she or he supported Nicole throughout her pregnancy. Nicole said that in the whole pregnancy, all the doctors weren’t sure of his words.

Nicole said, ‘My boyfriend wont to accompany me to satisfy the doctor at every appointment in order that he also can tell the doctor that we’ve not really had sex. During routine checkup during the fourth month of pregnancy, when the doctor told me about vaginismus, I found it on Google. Eventually i noticed that there’s nothing wrong during this and this is often just a medical condition of mine.

After checking out the disease, Nicole met a vaginismus therapist and together with her help was ready to begin of her medical condition. Nicole said that it didn’t happen as she had feared which she had no problem at the time of delivery. However, Nicole and her boyfriend are not any longer together, but Nicole has now recovered to an excellent extent from her illness.

Nicole said, ‘My daughter is sort of a miracle to me. many of us still call me ‘Virgin Mary’ and it makes me laugh tons . ‘ Nicole’s sex life is normal now, but this story of her pregnancy still surprises people.


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