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These 8 Quality Men Easily Win The Heart Of Women, Claims In Study-Why women and men are attracted towards one another , even scientists haven’t fully understood this thing. However, through research, study and lots of experiments, it’s been helped to know to an excellent extent. of these studies and research show that what men mention attracts women.

Flirting Men – Helen Fisher, a professor and noted writer at Rutgers University within the US, says that the majority women show interest during a man who praises them. In an interview to Psychology Today magazine, Helen said that on hearing her praise, women smile, are shy and pay more attention to the man’s words. most girls wish to entertain men.

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These 8 Quality Men Easily Win The Heart Of Women, Claims In Study

Men Who Match Themselves –Women or men are quickly interested in those that match their personality. Researchers at the University of California studied 60 men and 60 women on a web dating site. These people involved within the study showed interest in those men and ladies who were interested in appear as if them. Experts say that when looking better than themselves, people are afraid that the partner may have an affair elsewhere, while looking less attractive, it seems that I could have gotten a far better partner also .

Towards Older Men In Age –A study conducted in 2010 showed that ladies often get interested in older men more often than they’re in their age. this is often very true of girls earning themselves. Professor and writer Fahyna Moore at the University of Dundee, UK, says that financially independent women choose partners confidently and like influential and older men.

Light Bearded Men – within the study of 177 men and 351 women at the University of latest South Wales, most girls showed interest in men consistent with the length of the beard. Women were more interested in men whose beards grew lighter. Men grow mature in light beards, which women like more.

These 8 Quality Men Easily Win The Heart Of Women, Claims In Study

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Men With Normal Body –A study of California University on 286 women shows that ladies like men having normal body more. These women were shown pictures of some shirtless men. These women chose men with more issues as short-term partners, while men with fewer issues as long-term partners.

Those Wearing Red Clothes –consistent with a 2010 study on people from China, England, Germany and America, women are most attracted towards men wearing red clothes. For the research, women were shown some pictures of men in red clothes and other colored clothes. Women described men wearing red shirts or T-shirts as more attractive.

Laughing Men –Several studies show that ladies are more interested in men who make them laugh. Women quickly mingle with men with common sense of humor and talk openly with them.

Those Applying Fragrant Deodorant-Women also are very attracted towards men applying new and fragrant deodorant. consistent with a study published within the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, some men got scented deodorant for research, while some got spray without scent. The results of the study revealed that the ladies who used the scent spray described men as more confident and more attractive.

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