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love quotes in punjabi

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Love Quotes In Punjabi- When it comes to expressing love in Punjabi, the language has many beautiful expressions. Punjabi love quotes are very popular especially among the youth of Punjab and Rajasthan. Many of these cute love sayings have a deep meaning.

Some are really funny while others try to bring back the sentiment of love and tenderness in someone’s heart. It is believed that all love quotes are about the true feelings between two people the one who gives the love and the one who receives the love. In this article, we will discuss the most popular and true love quotes in Punjabi.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Love Quotes In Punjabi

Many young people love to exchange sad love quotes in Punjabi. This is because many Punjabis have the habit of saying ‘dahi diya’ when they really want something from their loved ones. Dahi dei means ‘I love you in English. So if you want your loved one to receive your love then saying ‘dahi diya’ is really a great way to express your love. Some common Punjabi status Punjabi quotes for him in Punjabi include ‘Ki dal hi chale ho’.

Another popular Punjabi love saying is ‘When you are alone, the enemy is in you’. I think we can safely say that this is an example of a superb example of a Punjabi proverb. What else could be better than a simple love quote in Punjabi but also tells the opponent that the other person is the enemy? Some examples of the best love status quotes in Punjabi include ‘Nusret Kamat kameez’. In this Punjabi saying, the person who is being said to be the enemy is called ‘nasret’. The opposite of this is ‘Nusret mehr javan’.

‘I am sad and lonely without you is one of the most famous sad love quotes in Punjabi. It expresses how deeply a person feels about his/her ex. Another famous sad love quote in Punjabi is ‘I am sorry for what I did to you. An apology is a very important part of a relationship. This is why it is considered to be a crucial step in the process of healing.

‘A puppy always wants to see the good in everything is one of the first Punjabi funny quotes cute quotes in Punjabi. This is written to describe how a person feels when things go wrong with them. In addition to this, another example of a funny Punjabi cute quote is ‘A man’s love for his dog is like an onion – deep and powerful’. This Punjabi cute quote was used by Bond at the end of Casino Royale in order to explain how Bond desired to find and have a healthy friendship with M.J. In the same movie, he said ‘My dog’s love is like an onion – strong and deep.’

The love quotes in Punjabi often describe the importance of being true to one’s true love status. Many images share the idea that true love is not temporary but eternal. Some examples of true love quotes in Punjabi are ‘True love is like falling in love with someone who has no equal’ and ‘The best gift you can give your true love is unconditional love.

These two examples of true love quotes in Punjabi serve as a reminder to always put your best foot forward and make sure you are true to yourself and the people you love most in life. In fact, many of the love quotes in Punjabi point to a common theme that all lovers and marriages should understand and realize you have to be loyal and faithful to yourself first before you can be loyal and faithful to others. Another example is the saying ‘I am the diamond in my studded clutch’. This beautiful phrase clearly states that a person should not only be loyal to themselves but also to their significant other.

There are many more beautiful and romantic phrases and images that share a common theme of true love and commitment. Some of these are as follows ‘She knows I am her keeper’, ‘I will never let her go’, ‘I love you to the ends of the world’, ‘I hope that you’ll always be true to me.

These and many more examples of beautiful love quotes in Punjabi will surely strike a chord with every true lover or groom. So what are you waiting for? Go search the web and find the best love quotes in Punjabi. Happy counting!

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