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What Is The Connection Between Sex And Age? This Thing Came Call At The New Study-Old age and longevity don’t belong to anyone. However, if you think in science, good habits like reading, exercising and eating healthy can extend some years of your life. of these things are necessary for a healthy body, but now researchers have added another thing to the present list which is sex.

Researchers say that having sex reduces the danger of the many serious diseases. Sex not only gives physical satisfaction but it also improves mood, enhances the system , keeps vital sign in check and protects against heart diseases, resulting in longer lifespan.

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What Is The Connection Between Sex And Age? This Thing Came Call At The New Study

Researchers at the New England Research Institute have done a study linking sex and heart diseases. This study has been done on 1,120 men and ladies below 65 years aged . The results of this study have come after 22 years. it’s been claimed within the study that having sex daily reduces the danger of heart diseases.

The study says that active sex life increases the probabilities of staying alive even after a attack consistent with the study, people that had sex quite once every week , their chances of dying after a attack were up to 27 percent. At an equivalent time, among those that had sex sometimes, this possibility was less by only 8 percent.

It has also been said within the study that what proportion you’ve got love together with your partner before and after having sex.

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According to the study, having sex once every week increases the probabilities of longevity by 37 percent. this is often not the primary study during which sex has been linked to longevity. an identical study appeared within the American Journal of Cardiology a couple of years ago.

In a study published within the American Journal of Cardiology, it had been reported that men who have less sex increase the danger of heart condition and increase the danger of male erecticle dysfunction .

It has been said during this study that men who are sexually active have more ability to perform physical activity and since of this the body remains healthy.

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